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Potter Wines
Traditional Vintages & Jalapeno Wines

Created in our Garden City, ID
Winery and Tasting Room

Potter Wines
Garden City Winery

Potter Wines Garden City Wine

5286 W Chinden Blvd
Garden City, Idaho 83714

Mon – Wed  –    Call for Appointment
Thursday  –    2 pm – 7 pm
Friday  –    2 pm – 7:30 pm
Saturday  –    12 pm – 7:30 pm
Sunday  –    12 pm – 5 pm

Potter Wines

Garden City Wine

the best of Idaho Wine

When it comes to Idaho Wineries, especially in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley, you have a lot of choices. There are vineyards everywhere you look and a winery for every one of them. Garden City, ID Wine obviously gets a lot of attention in the most populated part of the state, but it can be hard to pick out what is really unique. As you might imagine, some of the best in the area are the Garden City Wineries and here is where you are going to find our tasting room and winery, Potter Wines.

We are a little different from your average Idaho Winery. You can find our award winning wines like the bold new Minx Cabernet. Here at Potter Wines we have an excellent Liquid Lunch Chardonnay that will have you wondering why you would ever eat anything but wine. But the main event has to be the our Jalapeno Wine line-up that comes in a variety of tastes, matching spicy and sweet into something tasty and memorable. Start with our signature product, the Jalapeno Wine, or make it smoky with the Chipotle Jalapeno Wine. Each is great for sipping, and excellent for cooking!! (Just check out our recipes page!) And probably our most popular product, especially during those hot Treasure Valley summers, is the Potter Wines Jalapeno Wine Lemonade. All we can say about this drink is: PERFECTION. Each one a perfect sipping experience.

Come visit our urban winery and tasting room where you can get a chance to do a wine tasting of one of these wines and figure out just how much you really love the idea of Jalapeño Wine. The atmosphere is fun and eclectic! You can even bring your kids, and take a chance to hang out with some other residents of Idaho that love wine or just like trying something new and unique.

If you want to know a little more about the inner workings of a Garden City winery like Potter Wines, there is no better way to do it! Come try to BEST of Idaho Wine!

Jalapeno Wines Mascots

Potters Traditional Wines

Here at Potter Wines, we have a beautifully delicious and award winning line-up of traditional vintages. Keep your eye on our new releases and don’t miss out, some of our most popular wines get snatched up quickly! Your tour of Garden City Wine starts here!

Jalapeno Wines Mascots

Jalapeno Wines

These are what you’re looking for! Potter Wines Jalapeno Wines are one-of-a-kind, and completely unforgettable. Great for sipping, great for mixing, great for cooking. Check out our Jalapeño Wine Recipes page for your next amazing dinner idea.

Spicy not your bag?
We have award winning reds and crips fresh white vintages as well.

Potter Wine’s Events

Potter Wines is also a fantastic place for pretty much any event or party you might want to host in the near future. The wine tasting room is open to you if you have something coming up and you want a fun and unique setting in which to make it happen.

Want to try a wine tasting with your best girlfriends before the big day? Throw a bachelorette party and drop by the wine tasting room to experiment with your palate. Maybe you want to put together a fundraiser and make some money for a good cause? Hold the fundraiser at Potter Wines Garden city location, and treat your guests to something a little special.

If there is an event that you want to do something special for, Potter Wines can accommodate you.

Potter Wines Reviews
Navy Potter Wines Logo

My husband and I often add the Jalapeno wine to our recipes and we’ve yet to find a dish that wasn’t improved upon by its addition (plus I love sneaking sips of it while we’re cooking). Potter Wines makes a rounded variety of memorable and crave-worthy classics, but they truly shine when it comes to making inventive, adventurous, and refreshingly different flavors.

Crystal Green

The creative genius behind the different varietals offered by Potter Wines is incredible! Their signature Jalapeño and Chipotle wines are amazing to cook with, mix, or sip on if you are the spicy type, but their Riesling and Syrah are both unbelievable in their own right.

Brandi Moore

Potter Wines is an innovative winery that puts a new twist on wine. They use Jalapenos to provide a bold flavor that is unforgettable. I love to use the Jalapeno wine to give a kick to my chicken fajitas and Jalapeno margaritas are just perfect on a hot summer day. Potter Wines also makes my favorite Riesling!

Deana Smith

If you are an Idahoan oenophile, or wine lover in general, you should acquaint yourself with Potter Wines because the Potters are breathing fire into the Idaho wine industry and making a name for themselves with their Jalapeno Wine


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Potter Wines
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5286 W Chinden Blvd
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